• The primary driver behind Top Score’s success in helping students to achieve their desired scores is its innovative methodology in teaching the SAT. More than any other single factor, it is this methodology that allows students to achieve their own Top Score.

    Students are first taught to view the test holistically and to put into place best practices for the entire test on a macro level. By learning to recognize the synergies between the different sections of the test, students see that what was once an indecipherable exercise is actually quite approachable when viewed in the proper context. One of the SAT’s most daunting aspects is the mystique and confusion that the precedes the actual testing process; indeed, many students perform poorly primarily because of their own perceptions relating to this. By revealing to students the inner workings of the testing process and dispelling many of the common myths that surround it, Top Score imparts to its students a peace of mind about the test that allows them to focus not on its peripheral distractions but rather on executing the strategies in which they have been trained.

    And speaking of SAT strategies, aren’t they really all the same? Doesn’t every book and course preach minor variations on common themes? This opinion, though widely held, is misguided. While many prep materials offer little that is different from each other, all of Top Score’s strategies are designed from experience with both working with high school-level test takers and from experience in taking the actual test. Students are taught individual best practices to apply to each specific section and question type; these best practice strategies can then be drilled and refined until each student reaches his or her desired level of performance. In other words, doing well on the SAT is simply a matter of learning how to do the questions that are on it.

    In a nutshell, that’s really about it. Learn how the test works; learn what will be on it; learn the best ways to do those things. Sound simple? It is. That’s why it has worked for hundreds of students, and that’s why it will work for yours.

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